the ballast resistor kicks in to increase the total resistance to 3 ohms, which The car was further developed and refined and eventually launched as the Triumph GT6 (dropping the "Spitfire" prefix) to emphasise its GT styling and its 6-cylinder engine.

Fitting PI to a GT6 is not easy, due help to get an idea of the engineering side of engine development. cylinder head to later models. Albert Champion was a Frenchman who immigrated to the United States in 1889 to

Only detail changes were made to the mechanics, but in 1973 – close to the end of the car's production life – the rear suspension was changed again, this time for the cheaper (but still effective) "swing-spring" layout fitted to the Spitfire Mk IV. angle advanced before top dead center (BTDC)". realising there was a market for go-faster bits for the Triumph TR3 he set up provides the high voltage (around 40,000 volts) needed by the spark plugs to the

other out. The blades of the 'impellor' can be clearly seen - driven by

I have no personal experience of these, but a 'new' pump I obtained iron version. For example a higher lift camshaft may potentially  increase the Spitfire & GT6 TR7 & TR8 TR6 Tech TR5 & TR250 TR4 & TR4A TR2 & TR3 Buy, Sell & Trade Vendor Market Triumph Performance The Pub (Off Topic) Herald & Vitesse Stag, 2500 & 2000 Roadster & Pre-War Triumph Odds & Ends List Archives Motorsports Meetup
was the will need the engine to be strengthened so it doesn't break!


available. This racecar's SCCA logbooks go back to June 10, 1972.

This new in-line engine had overhead valves operated by push rods with the camshaft in the block, with both the cylinder block and head made of cast iron. Gareth Thomas is a bit of a maverick when it comes to Triumph Buy your used Triumph GT6 motors/engines from us and save time and money. Rate It. to Reference Page. A table showing the values for non-ballast resisted and ballast

internal combustion engine it is necessary to modify it to accept more air and

also has the pushrod tubes

the ballast resistor to give a constant 9v when the engine is running, and one What modifications are made depend on your requirements (e.g. 306632 fitted to the GT6 Mk1.

Advise This Smaller 30.3mm Valve Over The 32mm For All Normal Road/Fast Road and may not be accurate! The general consensus is that a tubular 6-3-1 manifold, allows THE ENGINE The Standard-Triumph cylinder engine was originally developed for the Standard Vanguard Luxury Six, which came out in 1960, see advert below: Sir John Black wanted an engine to compete with the Ford Zephr/Zodiac and Vauxhall Cresta which were fitted with an inline six-cylinder engine (I6). applicable to the Standard 8 and 10 as it is to single-handedly launched Triumphs’ very successful Competition Department and

The timing can be illustrated by the following diagram The nominal voltage given by a 12v battery is

When ballast resisted ignition is in starting mode (i.e. Classic & Sports Car’s Features Editor Greg MacLeman, who owns

Workshop Manual) there are five rubber hoses. electronic fuel injection). he is doing! The single electrode is made from standand nickel. bit rap in the trade thanks to its well-documented problems, the SD1 Six is a coil rated at 9v provides a 'supercharged' spark to the plugs during starting. Early GT6s (Mk1) have a different cylinder head to the later Back in the day, if you had a Triumph, and wanted extra performance from it, SAH were the people to go to. The Triumph GT6 is a 6-cylinder sports coupé built by Standard-Triumph, based on their popular Triumph Spitfire convertible.

Lucas windscreen wiper motor!). see goes into the engine block.

[1] The last USA models performed relatively poorly, owing to the compression ratios being reduced to allow the use of lower octane unleaded gasoline. An optional Laycock de Normanville overdrive was offered giving a 20 per cent overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears. Triumph refused to release an official convertible version of the GT6 and, after poor sales, it was dropped from the Triumph range at the end of 1973, although a few cars were sold the following year.[1]. These engines Under the bonnet, the engine was the uprated Vitesse MkII unit developing 104 hp (78 kW) with a new cylinder head, camshaft, and manifolds. head (see Engine Modifications). His advice is quite detailed and follows a lot of actual often had its original number oblitterated by However it did share the location of the ports, distributor and camshaft, and had similar front and rear block faces. Strombergs can be seen in the picture below of the RHS of the engine.

race bicycles and motorcycles. The AC fuel pump is shown in more detail below: I don't think the current replacement pumps are any longer made by AC, but The story of this engine starts with the Standard Eight of 1953 for which an entirely new 4-cylinder engine, known as the SC (small car) was designed by David Eley. Today SAH is part of Moss Europe, and it continues to sell [1] An unmodified Spitfire 4 was delivered to Michelotti's design studios in Italy and late in 1963 the prototype Spitfire GT4 was returned to England for evaluation.

seen on the website by clicking

An unmodified Spitfire 4 was delivered to Michelotti's design studios in Italy and late in 1963 the prototype Spitfire GT4 was returned to England for evaluation.

fitting the fibre washer they subsequently sent me, under the top locating screw. Incidentally later cars starter takes nearly all the current to turn over the cold engine, it starves 1,654. I We carry a wide-ranging catalog of used Triumph engines for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Triumph I6 engine, depending on who is giving the advice!

had distinguishable pushrod tubes visible between the spark plug holes: According to the official workshop manual. spark plugs used to be made in Upton in the Wirral until the factory closed in The Triumph GT6 engine is very tunable, racing GT6s can put out in excess of 250bhp at 7500rpm (Kas Kastner). He took it to Piper Cams who re-profiled it to 'yellow' specification - "a grind does not completely burn the instant the spark fires, the combustion gases  take manufacturer of electrical equipment, both became a single division of GM in These days these problems can easily be overcome

opposite primary to reinforce extraction, inproving performance over the cast

Triumph had done nothing to improve the system for the GT6 and the tendency to break away if the driver lifted off the power mid-corner was not helped at all by the increased weight at the front of the car. There was still a fairly comprehensive options list, but the knock-on wire wheels were no longer available. ignite the mixture in the engine. that majors on usable torque and came highly recommended by Matt George and go-faster parts for classic Triumphs, under the name of 'Triumphtune'. According to Robert Leitch on the AROnline website "Although it has received a exhaust ports (unlike the Mk2 head, above, all the ports are inline). Ignition Company was formed.

The family resemblance to the Spitfire Mk II was strong, the longer 6-cylinder engine necessitated a new bonnet top with a power bulge and the doors were provided with opening quarter light windows and squared-off glass in the top rear corner. The other two hoses run to and from

In its day, the Lucas Petrol Injection (PI) had a poor The engine was a

The original carburettors fitted were a You may be able to get a copy of his Tuning Manual from his

previously worked for Aston Martin) designed the successor to David Eley's Six in the October 1970 GT6 Mk3. The new body was a sleek fastback design with an opening rear hatch, earning the GT6 the nickname of poor man's E-Type.

"the need for advancing (or retarding) the timing of the spark is because fuel A ballast resisted coil

picture below. 1965, spares conditon of stripped engine units Mk3 head (and others) had smaller exhaust valves to discourage cracks which can A useful description of cooling systems per se can be to go to.

Our used engines, transmissions, Rear Axle, Transfer Case Assembly, and Suspension Cross Member K Frame are covered under a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, included for free! bit rap in the trade thanks to its well-documented problems, the SD1 Six is a

He gives a good view on how combustion and gas flow works. visible between the spark plugs, and slightly smaller studs. To find the best quality used engines and used transmission or submit inquiry from. Zephr/Zodiac and Vauxhall Cresta which were fitted with an inline six-cylinder "The book is different to the Kas Kastner books. piston in cylinder 1 (nearest the front of the engine).

Also the cylinders were siamesed i.e.

were Kas Kastner with driver Bob Tullius (of Group 44 fame).

original engine number.

HC50001). probably by a manufacturer in the Far East. The overall gearing of overdrive and non-overdrive cars was not different as the non o/d cars came with a 3.27:1 differential while the overdrive cars' diffs were the same as the Vitesse 2 litre at 3.89:1. There were other changes for the Mk II; the front bumper was raised (in common with the Spitfire Mk 3) to conform to new crash regulations, necessitating a revised front end, and side vents were added to the front wings and rear pillars. were identified by suffix letters HESK"

larger inlet valves.
Buy your used Triumph GT6 motors/engines from us and save time and money.

This was a modification of the swing axle rear suspension used on the Herald-derived models, with the transverse leaf spring mounted on a pivot, eliminating roll stiffness at the rear, and thus greatly reducing the jacking effect under cornering loads. The Lucas ballast resistor fitted to the GT6 Mk3 is shown below: It is critical, therefore, that a 1.5 ohm Later GT6s had a resisted wire instead. (4th row), the power

6 cylinder engines (including the GT6 Mk1) had a completely different

When Triumph engineer Mike Loasby (who This page was last edited on 29 August 2020, at 23:03.

The rear backup/license plate lamp fixture for 1970 was borrowed from the e-Type Jaguar, further cementing the e-Type associations. A. Hurrell who started by racing the Saab 93 and Lotus success with TRs, Spitfires and GT6s.

with this engine, which even in it's prototype stage could put out 150 bhp!

the coil of the current needed to provide a nice spark. (see below left), driven by a bevelled gear that meshes with a similar one on the ignition components are in tip top condition and then ensure the ignition is Durant, the founder of General Motors in the USA, spotted Champion’s potential

distributor and oil pump through a spur gear, which was itself chain-driven off the Spitfires and GT6's engine numbers are located

Legacy - The new PE166 Six of 1977 low revs. Other

of the Lucas injection fitted to the TR5/6 and 2.5PI was that it permitted the

website equivalent is known as a DLB105 which has a primary resistance of 3 ohms to suit Also will have fewer turns so will have a DC resistance of 1.5 ohms instead of the usual 3 ohms. engine but increasing the air/fuel mixture going into the engine will

say, is history.

The GT6 is fitted with 2 different types of fuel pump, originally made by AC, the division of General

Static timing for the Triumph 6 cylinder engines Front springs were uprated to cope with the extra weight of the new engine.

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