Home is where you can find family. "Hm. The exact date." Later that night, the six siblings, Grace, and Pogo gathered outside in the rain to hold a small service for their father. Luther looked up at the others and said, "Probably would have been better with some wind. He made his way up the stairs as fast as he could, and glanced out the window in his room that looked out on the courtyard, in time to watch as Luther hit Ben's statue, causing it to fall down and break. "You know why? Five corrected. Virgil shakes his head from the bar as Number Two, Diego entered the room and glared at Virgil before saying, "What are you doing here? Leave it alone.". On the twelfth hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. ", Five went into the fridge and grabbed a jar of peanut butter. PROLOUGE 12.7K 237 97. by hhargreevess. He teleported to the other side of Luther, grabbing a bag of marshmallows from the shelf. Virgil blinked then saying with a laugh, "Home is where you want to be when instead of anywhere else. ", Virgil raised a hand to stop her and says, "You were within you right to write that book. "The future." What with all that crap that Hargreeve did to you and the rest of us.". Diego stated. he walked around the large desk and hugs Virgil while wearing a dress to cover his waist. Luther took a deep breath to calm down before looking to Klause and saying, "There is one way to be sure. Number One: gifted with super human strength and endurance. Five looked back and forth as Virgil says, "Hello little acorn." "You know, you of all people should be on my side, Number One." Reginald said. Five asked. ", Alison looks up and says, "Living, how long have you been home? "Whenever you're ready, dear boy." ", Pogo said nothing as he says, "Sealed inside his office." Reginald said from the top of a winding staircase, down to where six of the seven Hargreeves children stood. he complained. They are going to advertise my new hybrid car engine next year," Virgil states as they started to move to the entertaining area near the bar. He still felt cold from the funeral, and was looking for something decent and warm to drink. Ignoring the ache that had formed on his knee where he had hit it, he got back to his feet and ran faster. ON the day of October First, nineteen eighty nine forty eight woman gave birth at the same moment with one single common occurrence. Number Two: the ability to control small metal masses such as knifes and bullets. The criminal was aiming back and forth in terror before Number Five teleported with his legs crossed and saying to the criminal, "I suggest that you surrender!" ", Klause laughs and says, "Your still doing that thing about not calling Dad 'Dad' that is so cute. "He was a bad person and a worse father. Vanya asks, "Hey Virgil, how have you been?". Allison had long since vanished into her bedroom. Until Klause came down smoking weed, with Alison walking down the steps to the room. Luther threatened. "Go ahead. Diego replied. Luther glares at Virgil and says, "Then where is his Monocle? Number Five | The Boy (Umbrella Academy) (5629) Ben Hargreeves (5482) Vanya Hargreeves (5388) Allison Hargreeves (4850) Luther Hargreeves (4788) Reginald Hargreeves (1992) Grace Hargreeves (1809) David "Dave" Katz (1467) Exclude Relationships Klaus Hargreeves/David "Dave" Katz (1688) Ben Hargreeves & Klaus Hargreeves (1596) Diego Hargreeves & Klaus Hargreeves (1075) Number Five | … All of it adding up to him regretting to spend the night in his old home. Am I the only one here who finds it suspicious? ️ number five fanfiction umbrella academy season one [lowercase intended] cover by @ssolarsystems. Virgil continued to read as he walked up stairs and past a masked Klause as he was inside the stairway leading up to the Bank smoking weed before enjoying Virgil reading to the entire bank. ", "Dad's Monocle was missing," Luther states before asking, "It is worthless so who would have stolen it? "A rope over an abyss. He leaves behind a complicated legacy-", Diego cut Pogo off. "Of what?" Diego asked, and Five teleported back to the table. Klause looked at him through a mask and says, "I thought that Dad wanted you attacking through the lights," Virgil shakes his head as they walk into the main bank to see Luther throwing one of the robbers out a window and Diego to stab one of the other criminals. Nothing fancy, but in that moment, he couldn't care less. Virgil frowns as his eyes glowed and an invisible man outline was seen shaking his head as the figure vanished. academy; klaushargreeves; numberone +22 more #15. Diego saiad, turning towards his brother. Klaus looked up. This was unusual only in the fact that none of the women had been pregnant when the day began. Pogo asked. "Heart failure, huh?". Virgil simply says, "As I said, not everyone even wants to deal with Hargreeves after everything he has pulled. ", Five scoffed and said, "It's been a lot longer than that.". No I won't be at the funeral but I will come to the house afterwards. ", "Good, lots of interested investors in my inventions. This was unusual because of the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day had first began. It was over after what felt like an eternity, which in reality was only a few minutes, but the sting remained hours later. Virgil stands planning to head to such and private study. That's all you have to say?". "So, what are you saying? "Wait, how does that even work?" A staircase of which they were about to run up. "How did you know about that?" umbrella academy's fire princess 「 the umbrella academy 」 「 five hargreeves 」 「 season one 」 #academy #allison #comics #diego #fan #fiction #fire #five #hargreaves #heroes #klaus #luther #netflix #number #pogo #powers #pyrokinesis #reginald #show #umbrella #vanya. ", "A book," Klause nods before returning to searching the study. "After everything he did to you? "Where'd you go?" Your review has been posted. ", Everyone had to nod at that except Luther who glared at Virgil and says, "He is dead, what could he gain from that?". He started to walk towards the door, but Allison spoke up. Anything I should bring?" He checked it for and expiration, and found he was right. ", Luther growls and says, "Look Dad is dead. He didn't answer the question, but instead said, "Delores kept saying the equations were off. Tears rolled down thirteen year old Barry's face as he got his first ever tattoo- a decision he didn't even get to make for himself. Most would question why I did thus, the simple answer is that It has not really been done. Share via Email Report … Virgil frowns before asking, "Autopsy states otherwise, Luther," Virgil had read the same report that Diego had stolen. "Well, it would if you were smarter." ", Alison sighs before saying, "Yeah that makes sense, is Luther or Diego here yet? Fanfiction. "Delores?" ", Klause simply says, "Not really some antique lighters and this box.". "My name is Number Two." Diego glared at Virgil before standing and walking up stairs to their father's room, while making a stop on the way. Which also means that this could be personal and who would have wanted Dad dead?". "hey, that's one badass stapler." You think it was one of us which is why you have brought up this monocle. He had had enough of the funeral at this point, and he was now shivering so much he was worried he'd phase through the ground (not that it would be the first time that happened). Virgil simply says, "Yeah hopefully you did not hit anyone," that caused everyone paused to look at Virgil before turning back to portal as an old man wearing a suit and business hat was stuck half way through the portal screaming, Virgil raised an eyebrow at the old man before suddenly the old man was replaced with a thirteen year old boy wearing his clothes before Number Five, Five fell through wearing the clothes of an older man. Virgil looked at where the voice came from to see, a humanoid monkey wearing a suit and using a walking stick to move. So he went the opposite direction and opened the freezer, and found a carton of ice cream, buried deep in the back, that had probably been there for a long time. Luther took a couple of half steps forward and took off the top of the jar.

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