In terms of competitors, the Etymotic ER20XS are an excellent alternative that include a better case and a neck chord that tethers the two earplugs together, making them harder to lose. However, both the Vibes and Etymotic will temper the highs and bring the focus around the mids. While Vibes claims these earplugs are “hi-fidelity,” they do end up coloring the sound a bit. Vibes Motorcycle Earplugs The best invisible motorcycle earplugs for ear protection are the Vibes. They reduce noise up to 21db, with an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 16 decibels. If the earplugs are stored properly, they can last for three to seven days. They fit a bit like earbuds, but are much more comfortable. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. They make a world of difference for people who live in noisy places. Mids are great, which helps vocals shine, but bass is a bit overwhelming at times. I am a mother of four, with children between age 29 and five years old. Ear infections are usually painful and can have long-lasting complications if not treated. First off, as earplugs, the Vibes work as they are described. I said sure, so they sent me some earplugs to test out. How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee Every Time, Pregnancy in the Pandemic: Why Many Women are Choosing Hidden Pregnancies, Lowers sound decibels without sacrificing clarity of sound, Both silicone and heat activated foam included for choice, Looks like a fashionable piece of jewelry, Includes two loops, foam in three sizes, silicone in three sizes, Noise reduction without sacrificing clarity of sound, Does not distort sound during noise reduction, Reduces decibels and preserves sound quality, Tend to work their way out of ear over time, Filter lowers volume without changing sound quality, Comfortable soft ear tips designed for ear canal, Size-up when purchasing because they run small, Damaging decibels are reduced while sound quality is retained, Comes with two pairs of shells in large and small, Lowers decibels and preserves sound quality. Each package includes two shell sizes, to fit any ear shape, and come in a gift box type package that makes Eargasm ear plugs an ideal gift for your favorite concert-lover. You put them into your ears like you would earbuds. However, certain frequencies come through very clear, almost as if you were not wearing them. They are durable and washable for reuse. Want to up your audio game? There was a problem. I don't know exactly how to quantify the difference, but I would say, things sound half as loud (both for background noise, and when people are speaking to you). Earplugs are categorized into vented and non-vented types. Enjoy the nuances of your favorite band at concerts and music events while still protecting your ears from damaging decibels. I saw these on Shark Tank and forgot about it until I was ready to go to a concert and realized I couldn't handle another concert with foam plugs that muffle all the sound so badly. Search “EarDial” in your App store. Please refresh the page and try again. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Improve your live music experience! Earplugs come in many different styles, such as expandable foam, shaped silicone, musician style, and electronic earplugs. Inside the box, Vibes includes small, medium, and large sized tips to help you find the right fit and the medium tips fit our ears well and we never worried about them falling out. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. The nice thing is you can still hear if someone is talking to you (i.e. Visit our corporate site. LaloLab Sound Blocking Earplugs are unique in that each package includes two options. Sure it’s annoying, but it only lasts a day or so, and then you just get on with things until the next time and don’t think twice about it. They cut down on wind noise, allowing me to more easily hear my bike’s engine at speed. Finally, earplugs that don’t have to try to be invisible. Xtreme Plugz High Fidelity Noise Reduction Earplugs, How to Choose the Right Gaming Monitor for Your Needs, The 10 Best Shampoos for Thinning Hair of 2020. In fact, they could pass for a very small set of true wireless headphones. These plugs are approved for use for protection from damaging noise such as gunfire for police and military personnel. These are a great gift for the concert lover or motorcycle rider in your life. In terms of comfort, the Vibes may satisfy a larger number of users, especially those who dislike the triple flange tips of the Etymotic.

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