minimapSlider.hoverBackground: Minimap slider background color when hovering. tab.unfocusedActiveBorder: Bottom border for the active tab in an inactive editor group. You can disable file icons by selecting None. The symbol highlight is visible when navigating to a symbol via a command such as Go to Definition. In addition to the selection also all regions with the same content are highlighted. Selecting the Color Theme. The three-digit notation (#RGB) is a shorter version of the six-digit form (#RRGGBB) and the four-digit RGB notation (#RGBA) is a shorter version of the eight-digit form (#RRGGBBAA). sideBarSectionHeader.foreground: Side Bar section header foreground color. These colors are defined by the Color Theme but can also be customized with the editor.tokenColorCustomizations setting. To install more file icon themes, select the Install Additional File Icon Themes item in the file icon theme picker and you'll see a query for file icon themes (tag:icon-theme) in the Extensions view. Use the cursor keys to preview the icons of the theme. Read about the new features and fixes from September. We explored just a couple ways of customizing the colors in Visual Studio. To see the editor white spaces, enable Toggle Render Whitespace. debugConsole.sourceForeground: Foreground color for source filenames in debug REPL console. When semantic highlighting is enabled and available for a language, it is up to the theme to configure whether and how semantic tokens are colored. editorSuggestWidget.background: Background color of the suggestion widget. Check the color descriptions to see to which colors this applies. VS code ships with two file icon themes; Minimal and Seti. By default, the Seti file icon set is used and those are the icons you see in the File Explorer. // Specifies the file icon theme used in the workbench. Search Editor colors highlight results in a Search Editor. editorGroupHeader.tabsBorder: Border color below the editor tabs control when tabs are enabled. In the New File dialog box, under the General category, choose XML File, and then choose Open. This can be configured separately from other find matches in order to better differentiate between different classes of match in the same editor. To do so, set a theme in the Workspace settings. debugIcon.stepBackForeground: Debug toolbar icon for step back. minimapGutter.addedBackground: Minimap gutter color for added content. Use the cursor keys to preview the colors of the theme. If you want more, you can do so by directly specifying TextMate theme color rules: Note: Directly configuring TextMate rules is an advanced skill as you need to understand on how TextMate grammars work. debugConsole.infoForeground: Foreground color for info messages in debug REPL console. Tip: To search for themes, type 'theme' in the Extensions view (⇧⌘X (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+X)) search box. Again, to customize a specific theme only, use the following syntax: Some languages (currently: TypeScript, JavaScript, Java) provide semantic tokens. Dropdown control is not used on macOS currently. A set of colors for all Dropdown widgets such as in the Integrated Terminal or the Output panel. Let's change it to Dark. The current line is typically shown as either background highlight or a border (not both).

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