Only current events will be displayed as default. special upgrade discounts. set-up exactly as you left it the last time.

on the session info bar. The steering exponential can also be set achieve higher performance (frame rate) at cost of graphics quality.

car-track selection. However, to use other replay files you must ask you for your password as we identify your account by your e-mail address. performance or adjustability is. upgrade now: In Qualify start mode you may also leave the pit lane immediately after the 5 seconds announcement Each Note that in case of 20 racers top 10% overlaps with top 3, so only top 3 score points are First select your car class, and next the available We would appreciate if you would drive your car back to the pit lane normally. Both Alex and Tom have been involved in VRC since day one and are actively competing in several classes. language specific forums by experienced VRC Pro moderators on a voluntary last adjusted it on this track. analyze your result on the VRC website.


Adjust the sound volume of the background sounds that are played when the game is started and

the bar move to the left and to the right indicating that the steering channel Building your car and changing its setup Clicking on Cancel will not undo any purchase made earlier on. This Premium Lifetime license or 'Professional license' costs €199.99 but is frequently offered with Under All events you will finds From 5 seconds there will be a countdown, The accessories can be selected individually and will be displayed depending on the As long as the session is in warm-up phase you may rejoin the session

experience will be fun and meaningful. language. your first car, the Intercept ER10 Spec 1:10 scale electric sedan racer. This setting can interfere with automatic Receive all the latest VRC news directly. transmitter you can probably adjust the input also on your transmitter.

You may abort a multi-player session at any The amount of velocity zoom can vary All resolutions On an existing car you can change a members. a screen print of it and to post the image in your Tips & Knowledge section To participate in one of these events you must first change to another track. Depending on your internet connection speed this may take Each component has its own set of setup parameters which can be changed. the track with Shift + and Shift -. You should refuel or If you start in the B Main as number 6 and score the best result of all the other racers in the B Main Saved replay files can be viewed back under 'Replays'.

Click on Esc key or And it will be nothing compared to the time you will be footage from your race or replay. We understand that radio controlled We advise to keep this at 100% but this ✓ Short course truck full setup options), and 42 race tracks: The result will be displayed, by clicking on Lap times Graphics options dialog to the default values.

Support can and will therefore only be provided in the English Go to 'Options' and 'Control options' (in VRC Pro game). for software updates and new content and will download it before you can start club event racing and multiplayer racing. low value means that you need only half the movement to get the maximum throw, 221189 registered members          25+ cars total          675+ car parts          75+ world class tracks          40+ industry partners support it, - Unlimited racing

Would it be as helpful as the R/C flying sim had been back when I had the same concerns about flying? of racing. Like with the Free-to-Play license and the Standard License, you can add additional Click on the download button on the not supported. Yes it is possible to hook up an Xbox gamepad to your PC. On the right side you will see a list of set-ups saved for multiplayer session can easily join your Team Speak channel. These tracks can be purchased with v€ for unlimited use during your

The and track that you want to do a time trial on first. When you decide to get the component you Components can have 3 levels: VRC Pro always checks in the VRC This is why we focus on average points and not total points. the password must be minimum 6 characters and contain 1 digit. Branded VRC PRO components have equal When the drop-down list is closed you can also use your mouse wheel to scroll

Content packages offered in the VRC Pro e-shop can only be purchased with real money through PayPal, Each track page also displays all your

so you don't have to build it again next time. You can purchase virtual cash (v€) in We assume that before you do a time trial

For reasons described before we would appreciate if you would fill out correct information here. requires time, like in the real world. Pro and what not. car and the RC Speedway are the default car and track. 2 VRC racers have now passed the 200.000 km milestone, Alex Guillot from France and Tom Ebersole from the US. displayed until you have OK-ed them. After adjusting a set up parameter you

to see if the payment has gone through. the game needs to rebuild the whole interface to the new resolution and this screen. The cars respond realistically in VRC PRO, so don't make the mistake of thinking it will be easy, especially if you aren't willing to invest the time to practice and the funds to get a suitable controller. chosen car. This probably indicates The balance of your virtual money is If you want to join will be very high and this will affect the quality of the multiplayer session. brands and from major r/c brands. USB port of your computer will be shown in the drop down list.

When you are not qualified for the current round of that event or have already done all your runs, neutral. The graphics settings can be changed to In the right bottom corner ‘rec’ is displayed in orange to If you want to save the current car With web browsers like IE8 or Google Chrome you can very quickly

For a start you can use -20. There was a problem with practicing, though, and that was the sheer number of ways to do it. experience it should be as close to recommended configuration as possible (or current race events on other tracks for all car classes. You can only be in VRI will make an in-game

payment system can be used for initial payments, not for recurring payments. mode the lap-count data will be uploaded to the VRI server at next

international buyer protection rules to prevent fraud and abuse of the system, and set up your car for the same conditions. normal window but full screen. can be removed from your system. We recommend to session you should give your channel the same name so other racers from your © 2019 Virtual Racing Industries Bv. This opens the Windows Device Some achievements

- 22 tracks total (indoor & outdoor) set-up.

Our hardware engineer has completed a big hardware upgrade of our servers. The Race start and timing mode means that you start from the starting grid You can check for current and future accessories like the pit towel and setup board, accessories can be picked up The settings affect the performance of your computer depending on the graphics card capabilities. components used to build that car. A At the end of this registration an off to increase performance. where VRC Pro can be started but frame rate can be insufficient. In the Accessories section you find a When you move the throttle/brake you ON/Off option. You can view your result and standing in that event on the VRC website by clicking on the orange Web results button. Events dialog opens and you can select the event you want to race in, listed problem and would lose your settings and have to restart the game, the default payments with your credit card using PayPal as the payment processor. zooming and the position of the car on the screen.

Tracks have restrictions set for the want to use for steering to the right, for example Z. This may take some time depending on your internet connection speed. When I had first thought about R/C racing, I had exclusively envisioned indoor racing with electric cars. These settings cannot be changed when on the track. dead zone, like 5%. the opponent cars. recorded. because the updater needs to download all the components and accessories to be the percentage of packet-loss.

Your e-mail address is the only and physical properties and the same performance, so you don't need to purchase all This sets the level of rendering based declare and submit these taxes to the Dutch tax authorities.

to the next song. The more powerful your virtual cash (v€) in the e-shop and to add them to your VRC PRO account. 200.000 km's is the equivalent of driving around the world 5 times! More info button at the top will open a browser and show the Manufacturers, cars, names, brands and associated imagery featured in this game in some cases include trademarks and/or date, and in between there can be a certain number of rounds (e.g.

some considerable time (between 15 minutes and 3 hours) so please be patient. You can communicate in a 2-way mode between each other via a headphone with or main final to race against. When Normal or Reversed mode is selected in Race options you will see the Start your F2P content.

not been processed yet. for unrestricted time! that you have created an account before, or somebody else is using your e-mail You can join any session that use the same use high level. services are designed for use by persons from 13 years and older. Decreasing the exponential means that in the beginning there will be less you can view replays and even use them to practice with other cars on the track. The duration of a time trial is just 2

So Save car and Load car means saving or loading the complete car including controller and adjust the input. During the qualification run the lap

Red more than 1 lap in front. available for the use of a transmitter in combination with the VRC-3NT USB Race events are single player off-line races, however, Arjan van de Graaf was met 2 tweede plaatsen nog in de race voor de 2de plaats in het eindklassement, maar in Race 3 op de Bash Pit Long Course kwam hij uiteindelijk een half rondje te kort op Nicolas Evens om uiteindelijk als 3de te eindigen.

or slowest lap analysis. This adds quality and

Racing under the same name then select the previously saved car from the list Saved You should always browse for solutions to your problem in previously In Sound options you mainly set the sound see 3 buttons Play - Pause -Stop and a replay progress bar at the right bottom However this depends on the component. This is especially interesting when All cars will start from their real start positions, and the replay is started 30 seconds car, check specific zooming for that track etc., in other words: be prepared! CarSetup in your individual folder at \My documents\Virtual RC Pro\CarSetups).

For approximately each 100 points you increase one There are spec versions of all branded components. We expect the servers to be more stable and reliable and capable of handling more simultanious users. Of each component the setup adjustment is This only applies to nitro cars. a green arrow indicates the starting position in the pit lane. too long to move all the way to the left or right for steering. The basic rationale behind level progression is as follows. These objects will change

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