7.9K likes. Matt Brown Will Reportedly Appear on Season 11 of 'Alaskan Bush People', Meet Brittany Borges: The Blonde Snake Hunter on Discovery's 'Guardians of the Glades'. When the season finished, the other workers went on to Florida for work. Are the Hoffmans Still on Discovery Channel's 'Gold Rush'? Swamp Loggers is an American reality television series which was originally broadcast on the Discovery Channel, from 2009 to 2012, that follows the crew of Goodson's All Terrain Logging as they log the swamps of North Carolina. Turning this off will opt you out of personalized advertisements delivered from Google on this website. On an early September morning in 2017, Bo accidentally hit another car in traffic while driving a tractor-trailer truck. But after his cousin invited him to the United States to work, he quit his job in Mexico and started working the tobacco fields of North Carolina. Swamp Loggers ended its fourth and final season in 2012, but that doesn't mean ... Is Bobby Goodson Still Logging. When Bo is not hauling wood or hunting deer, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Angel, and watching his children, Harlie and Milton, play competitive sports. Player in 'American Loggers,' David McLaughlin, 45, dies. Swamp Loggers ended its fourth and final season in 2012, but that doesn't mean the beloved cast is forgotten. But a harsh economy and shut downs at the mill will wreak havoc on this man and his business. Bobby Goodson, who was also a big part of the show, took to Facebook at the time to tell the show’s fans that the cancellation just meant it was time to move on. And because Bo Malpass was one of the primary logging truck drivers of the show, it’s hard not to wonder what happened to him years after the show's end. By age 19, Bo was driving a truck and hauling anything that needed hauling, but he didn’t start working for Goodson All-Terrain until late 2007, when Justin and Bobby bought their own trucks and hired Bo as a full-time driver. Dave Mueller. Now, he proudly employs 17 people full time and, along with his son, Justin, owns his own slogging trucks. [1] Joy took her first ride to the woods when she was 17 and started hauling timber when she was 18. Twenty years ago, however, Bo’s trucking career almost ended before it had really even started. Don't miss Wyoming defend their home state on #StreetOutlaws: Fastest in America — Monday at 8p…, RT @andregower: You make something and simply hope people like it. Fourth-generation logger Bobby Goodson was born in Jacksonville, N.C., in 1964 and started going to the woods soon after that. Another issue that was featured during several episodes was the emergency gall bladder surgery performed on truck driver "Bo-Bo", the effect on his family and co-workers, and his recovery. These included meeting a weekly quote that sometimes seemed like a cakewalk and other times appeared to be tricky for the men at work. But logging is what he does and does well. Moving back home meant finding a job, and Bobby had one for him. She says that “he started talking smack, and a month later we were dating. Justin tells us that if he weren’t a logger, he would have gotten into law enforcement. Driving is the only job Joy has ever done, and hauling wood is the only cargo she’s ever carried. The two became instant friends, and when Bobby started his own logging company in 1989, Simitrio joined his crew. In 1986 Bobby started his own company, but he didn’t start working the swamps with a shovel until 1996. While the show did follow the crew’s logging jobs and different responsibilities related to their shared chosen profession, there were episodes that played up the reality TV aspect of it all. Some of the running themes of the show include trying to get 100 loads of logs shipped out per week, which gets the crew a bonus of about $100, and a BBQ paid for by Bobby and cooked by Dave (75 loads is generally considered the "break even" point where Bobby's expenses are covered); the constant difficulties encountered with bad weather, poor road conditions, and equipment failures; as well as uncertainties concerning lumber buyers, land owners (from whose property Goodson's extract timber), and saw mills. His dad gave him the same guidance he had given Bo’s sister, Joy — drive a truck. Lester Holt's Party Affiliation Changed in 2018, So What Is It Right Now? Along with his wife, Dawn, he plays a very active role in his church, from leading the Spanish-language services to helping run the prison ministry program. Swamp Loggers. A native of Mexico, Simitrio was born in 1966 in a village so small that it doesn’t even have a name. Swamp Loggers - 2009 The Storm 2-5 was released on: USA: 12 February 2010 When Bobby bought his first feller buncher in 1992, Simitrio started operating it and has been stumping ever since. Learn how and when to remove this template message, 'Swamp Loggers' bring television cameras to Pender County, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Swamp_Loggers&oldid=978964980, Television shows filmed in North Carolina, Articles needing additional references from August 2020, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Bobby Goodson, Justin Goodson, Dave Mueller, Simitrio Ruiz, Tim Pastore, Edward Barbini, Craig Piligian, Justin Goodson - Part Owner/Foreman (Bobby's son), Lori Goodson - Office Manager (Bobby's wife/Dave's sister), Milton "Bo" Malpass (aka "Bo-Bo") - Truck Driver, Joy "Baby Doll" Craft - Truck Driver (Bo-Bo's sister), "Cutting It Up in the Muck" (15 June 2009), This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 00:13. Born in 1980 in Jacksonville, N.C., to Bobby and Lori Goodson, Justin is Bobby’s eldest and only son. Just because the show ended unceremoniously in 2012, it didn't necessarily mean that Bo and the other loggers gave up the jobs they had long before the show had even come along. Because we live in a world where reboots and sequels are very much a thing, never say never when it comes to Swamp Loggers coming back. Bo started his professional life as a teen working on his uncle’s farm. fasrit811.weebly.com. But a harsh economy and shut downs at the mill will wreak havoc on this man and his business. All Rights Reserved, Exercise your consumer rights by contacting us below Privacy Policy, [email protected] Swamp Loggers Bo Dead. For now, however, he is content with cooking steaks for Bobby’s crew when they reach 100 loads in a single week. And because Bo Malpass was one of the primary logging truck … The series is currently shown in reruns on the US Network Quest. At its core, however, was the cast. Justin Goodson has five generations of logging pumping through his veins and is his dad’s right-hand man. Similar to other reality shows about obscure jobs, including Texas Flip and Pawn Stars, Swamp Loggers followed the crew of close-knit people, some related, as they shared their business with viewers everywhere. RT @StreetOutlaws: The Milkman has the money, just ask his mama. His load of timber came through the cab and pinned his shoulder to the dashboard. Now that his father is cancer free, Dave has chosen to remain in the Jacksonville area to be near him. ... Dave Mueller. Fourth generation logger Bobby Goodson and his rugged crew of men battle the dangerous swamp to harvest valuable timber and haul it to the mill just to survive. Much of the series was filmed in Pender County. Justin has two sons and a daughter with his wife, Bethany. And while his life was mostly uneventful following the show’s cancellation, he was involved in a fatal car wreck in 2017. When asked how long he has been a logger, Justin will tell you, “my entire life.” Justin started working summers for his father at the age of 12. Who's Left on 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 29? Joy met her husband, Buddy, while they were both dropping off a load of wood at the same mill. #StreetOutlaws: Fastest in America starts tonight at 8p on @Discovery. And although Bo’s private life took an unexpected turn after the show, it might have been best at the time. After high school, Justin enrolled at Coastal Carolina Community College, where he got a degree in diesel mechanics, a much-needed skill when Justin started working for his father full time at age 18. That’s when Bo turned to his father for some career advice. He hopes that the industry can hold up so that his boys can someday take over the family business. And it doesn't seem to have had any negative lasting effects on his health. But the highlight of Bobby’s life thus far came a couple of years later at age 13, when he met a local girl named Lori Mueller. Bobby and Lori have two grown children and four grandchildren, with a fifth on the way. That was 19 years ago.” Now motherhood gives Joy the greatest sense of fulfillment, although you can catch her now and again burning rubber at the local drag-racing track in her tricked out S-10 pickup truck. She is a trucker through and through. Swamp Loggers ended its fourth and final season in 2012, but that doesn't mean the beloved cast is forgotten. What Happened To Swamp Loggers. The victims of the accident were a 30-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter and in 2018, a year after the tragedy, Bo spoke to the local news about how the accident still affected him. But with the advent of computer graphics Bobby found his degree obsolete and went back to work for his father. Or the many times weather and road conditions were played up to keep viewers on the edges of their seats.

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