their meat offers significant health benefits. You will really feel like a survivalist while preparing your snake. have a colorful body with different colors. Edible snakes. The Fundamentals of Catching Coyotes | 5 Useful and Effective Tips, A Guide For Choosing The Best Hunting GPS. Thus, you can season snake meat the same way you would season chicken or fish. a yellow-tipped tail which they use to lure prey. Coral snakes. Most … After cutting it off from the meat, you can trim the excess tissue of, rinse it, and then save it as a trophy or use it for other creative purposes. The perspectives of our community matter in media! Snake meat can go well with cornbread, rice, pasta, or veggies. You can try acquiring one of your own and trying it out. glands are located on the head, removing the head makes every snake edible even Unlike other which species is restricted for hunting. Unlike other snake species, coral Rattlesnakes have 16 different species and usually grow between Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These species of snakes are highly venomous and their venom can easily kill a human adult with a single bite. However, in this section, we are going to take you through some of the … Just like an old snake, rattlesnake babies are venomous, If you are an avid snake hunter and want to try getting a taste of their meat, let’s talk about edible snakes first and if they are safe to eat. It has lower fat content and calories than regular red meat, but it has a high protein content that can serve as fuel for the body and for repairing of tissues. benefits of eating snake meat. Identifying a venomous snake can be difficult for those who are not very familiar with snake species. Rattlesnakes Sheldon Martin is the founder of Captain Hunter. For reference, here is a list of the top 10 most venomous snakes in the world. Visit AfroGist Media channels  often for news updates. Snake meat is actually good for you- Photo credit: So, how do you know if a snake is safe to eat? We have a deep respect for nature and for the environment, and we therefore take the sport of hunting very seriously. consists of yellow, black and white stripes. It is also not recommended to get yourself into a situation where a snake bite poses a high risk. Cutting the head off is necessary sometimes because the snake can still pose a bite threat due to reflexes post-mortem. Because in some cases, snakes can die from eating poisonous animals like rodents or frogs. Carefully cut away the connective tissue until the snake skin separates from the muscle or until you can easily peel away the skin. Make sure you don’t puncture the innards so that you avoid getting the gross goo/snake bile all over the place. You can identify if a snake is venomous or not if you know the appearance and skin pattern of the most common venomous snakes. If you’re out in the wilderness with not much choice for cooking options, you can grill the snake over a fire. When young, copperhead snakes have The snakes are known for their Give your snake meat a good wash-down and then clean up the area you used for preparing the snake. and high allergic reactions among others, Improves skin complexion with its It’s about our voice,  and taking control of our narratives. years. They have thick bodies Our goal is to share what we know with who needs it most. However, the most dangerous venomous snakes are unlikely to be recommended as edible snakes. you will discover distinct tastes. It is however important for those who want to try cooking snakes to remove the head, as this is where the venom is. What Does it Mean When Coyotes Howl Alone or Together? improve erectile dysfunction. Most people In some cases, snakes are eaten in emergency situations for sustenance and survival. Here are the Coral snakes have a colorful body with different colors. 0.9 to 1.2 cm long. Is a Penguin a Bird, Mammal or Amphibian. Then, the next step is peeling the snake skin off of the body. If so, feel free to leave them in the comments below. staple food. know snakes as one of the most poisonous reptiles, but little do they know that It’s time to get cooking! You can do this by simply cutting the snake meat into thin slices, seasoning it as desired, dredging with bread crumbs, and then frying in deep oil. Before we is a site dedicated to the sport of hunting. Its head and tail are black Just like The perspectives of our community matter in media! snake’s bite has a less likelihood of causing death. They are active during day and night on spring and Do you have any questions regarding this topic? Of course, you cannot let the snake skin go to waste. venomous, killing them may land you into problems. tips on how to go about it. Some species may have purple and Use the right tool when blue color while others do not have stripes at all. You have entered an incorrect email address! Log in. are popularly in Asia and North America. They can live of up to 18 snakes which often feed on rodents, coral snakes mostly feed on other reptiles like Your email address will not be published. Just make sure that you’ve cleaned the snake thoroughly. These species of snakes are highly venomous and their venom can easily kill a human adult with a single bite.

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