", "Umm…" Yuzu looked at the man as if waiting on his permission. Harribel reminds Shirou of Saber, though he can't completely remember the latter. Is it a sternritter's scrift I wonder?'

Barragan proceeded to swing his axe as hard as possible which reversed the pulling force and sent Gremmy flying towards the encroaching Meteor. When it comes to your children, you are blind. Ayon was now in the form of one girl. Can you stand?"

", Realizing the situation he was now in Yhwach gasped out in anger, "Retreat!". Harribel Starrk and Lilynette vs Lloyd and Royd.

From what I understand, Squad eleven made quick work of their army, but the Adjucha and the White Gillian were the giving them some trouble," Toshiro added with an evident distant tone in his voice.

I hate Yhwach! Mask, no! The lesser hollows are falling apart without Wonderweiss directing them!". The man lifted his hat slightly so that the room could see his face better. "If there is nothing else, then this meeting is Adjourned…make sure all of your subordinates are aware of this Hollow, 'White.'" It would seem white has fused souls with Ichigo and become this new hollow. Why would Yuzu be spending time with Ryuken's son? Ichigo watched his fellow hollow with a strange emotion surging within him. He had no idea who he was or what he was anymore. Natural arrancars have always been rare…some say rarer than Vasto Lordes. "All of it or just for this bunch?"

the primera howled as he formed a singularity overhead.

"I do!

First, their enemies' strongest combatants are alive and well; second, their presence is detected; third, the two scouts, Quilge Opie and Giselle Gewelle, come face-to-face with Baraggan, an.
Gerard asked.

Unlike everyone else. Ichigo asked Ulquiorra. Baraggan quickly figures out the nature of Kyoraku's ability and the rules of the games they are forced to play. It quickly countered with one of its own creating a flashy stalemate. ", Giselle grinned happily as she hugged the blonde Sternritter, "Aww! Who is that purple haired one?"

Hmm…perhaps I should delay my plans of betrayal until he fully evolves. He smiled slightly as a faint blue glow gathered around her body slowly replenishing her energy. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 115 - Since: 09-02-11 - Founder: Lilinoe, Community for IchiHitsu or HitsuIchi fans, because this site needs more of them! "You will pay for attacking him you monsters!" "Yylfordt?! In 1895, a shinigami relearns the world of the living.

The Quincy grunted in aggravation, "I should have known, Candice was up to something.

It tore through the Seireitei like a knife through butter.". 'Espada?! As this happened, Barragan got closer and closer towards the singularity point now. Karin shrugged, "Whatever…I'm done trying to out do you. The blonde man looked around shocked, "What just happened?!". Reluctantly, Soifon entered the Garganta and turned back to look at Mayuri before it closed. "I thought she would be dead. Bambietta likes to kill and torture people for fun. Surrender now…", Bambietta looked scared as she backed away and watched with disbelief, 'Is Yhwach going to kill her?'. The sternritter turned around to body slam him before charging after Tesra. Probably Espada. What does Urahara have planned? Because Soul Society captured Silent, Shirou and his army invaded Soul Society around the same time that Ichigo and his friends tried to rescue Rukia. Karin made chocolates for Valentine's day and has Rukia deliver the gift declaring it is chocolate made from friendship. The Adjucha sighed again, "If you wish to evolve then you will have to consume other hollows. I should ask him and see what he's told them before I say anything. Gremmy's voice spoke loudly with an added bass over the loud wind and the battlefield below, "Your miasma can no longer touch me or anything! More staff's are welcome =), English - Staff: 9 - Followers: 124 - Since: 04-16-08 - Founder: Five Lifetimes One Love. "Yuzu!

Only the most powerful, unbreakable hollows have the will and the instinct to reach this level of evolution. Menoly nodded somewhat shamefully, "I'd hate to admit it, but yeah…not to mention Ichigo seems to have some kind of bond with her. Yuzu didn't hesitate to attempt running from Giselle during Bambietta's distraction and Szayel's tantrum, but it was ultimately futile as Giselle held up her hand and froze Yuzu in place. Did White really create an attack of that magnitude?!" I guess the next order of business is teaching you about blut," Bazz B replied. Do as I command, Nnoitra! "Yuzu Kurosaki! Giselle continued to smile, but her eyes were dark and sinister. Aizen had a passive grin as he looked over the elite sternritters and Yhwach, "You must be the leaders of this little army I take it?". This protected the plants from Ayon's blood, and it forced Ayon into a literal sticky situation. What they did was uncalled for…I think they just get off on messing with innocent people.

"No…also, what are these hollows Ichigo returned with? Don't let her 'big sister' act fool you. Is that true?" He flew up into the air as he began to glow like a star, "You've truly pushed me to using my full power, Espada! "I was just about to suggest the same thing," the stoic blonde nodded.

I'm not loyal to Yhwach! The ninja captain bit her tongue as she ignored the man and stared at Urahara for some kind of solution.

Bambietta said seriously.

Now matched in spiritual power, Barragan's miasma began to push back against the deafening winds of holy power. Lille spat. I would rather die than be a slave to your kind!" Soon your hollow horde will kneel as well.

We should have ended them here and now!". I'm…I don't know what to say.". I'll gather information and return once I find useful exploitations.". After getting their asses kicked by the Vandenreich and then Yhwach attempting to merge the realms together, the Shinigami realize they have no choice but to ask Shirou for help. Explaining Soifon, Athena, and the pit dwellers was going to be quite a chore.
"This is crazy!

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