Close-range vertical shots rarely worked, and I did better trying to hit out front just as they started climbing. Essentially, the SX4 is a slightly simplified SX3. In the name of science, and with the blessing of Remington execs, we headed to the dove fields of Argentina, the one place on Earth sure to yield a “cry-uncle” volume of real-world wingshooting. Your 40-Year Gun? E-mail your comments/questions about this site to:, For questions/comments about American Hunter magazine, please, You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Hunter, visit for more information. With that well-deserved plug given, I will note that Chris and I were genuinely impressed with the SX4, especially at the price point. Yes, Kick-Off hardware heavies up the butt, but A400 owners swear it’s worth it. Stock shapes have been improved and there is a new 25mm Inflex recoil pad. There was no need to cope with a dirty return spring. Frankly, the test-gun style would be my option for just about all applications: nothing too fancy, but quite smart nevertheless. The gun’s piston sits within the barrel support ring. After 2½ busy days, the V3s still revved through shells, and total misfires could be counted without removing a boot. A heavy return spring sits in the buttstock. Using Lyalvale HV 28g loads there were no malfunctions at all. The action is almost the same as the SX3, but sadly there is no shim kit for stock adjustments, and there are some other small changes. While there are twin louvers on either side at the front of the forearm (four total) to vent excess gas, it appears—based on fouling residue—that excess gas also vents through gaps between top edges of the forearm and the barrel. In this video we break down the major differences between the SX4 and the SX3 and what we think about the new SX4 shotgun. The rod engages the bolt to open and clear the action. When recoil jabs the gun rearward, the free-sliding bolt recoils at a slower pace (hence the inertia) thanks partly to a stout spring pressing against the bolt head. Moving on to the synthetic stock of the test gun, it has a length of pull of just under 14½” – good for Mr Average if heavy clothing is being worn, as it may well be a tool with which you venture onto the marsh. Given periodic cleaning most scatterguns deliver long, faithful service, and hunters rarely shoot enough to wear out the parts. I mean, how do you know if your truck hauls a heavier load, if your Ferrari corners at higher speed, or if you can consume more wings than your buddy unless you probe those limits? Perverse as that sounds, be assured our reason for doing so was strictly analytic, beginning with an examination of the operational limits of Remington’s relatively new V3 self-loader. 2. Encircling the magazine tube, the stout spring and its carrier are shoved rearward by a gas-actuated piston located inside the magazine cap. As on the Browning Maxus, gas ports have been made larger to handle anything from 24-64g payloads (the only thing I would not recommend from experience is a 24g 2½” load, but a 24g 2¾” [70mm] should work fine). Fouled with sludge from firing nearly 1,500 non-U.S. shotshells, this Remington V3 experienced just one failure to eject before slowing to single-shot status. This is not a gun-cleaning article, though passages on cleaning are key to the story. The 3½” model Winchester, like the Browning before it, must be considered quite a triumph of engineering as it can digest 2¾, 3 and 3½” shells interchangeably. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. Rather, it is a gun-dirtying article, one about how to foul your shotgun to such a disgusting state that it no longer runs. Now, with 10’s of thousands of rounds through the SX4 we can confidently say that we love it. I’ll detail below what we found upon cleaning, but nonetheless must salute this design for how neatly it disassembles. And for most owners, it’s not so much about tackling intense but brief extravaganzas of nonstop shooting as it is about showing up ready for work throughout extended seasons year in and year out. FullAuto Madness with Krebs Custom and EveryDayCivilian. If ever a methodology was devised not only to yield answers but also to please the testers, this was it. But less than five years since introduction, who can say how its mechanicals will hold up over a lifetime? While that unit is not meant for disassembly, it can be dunked in solvent. Tweaking the SX3 brings us to the SX4 with two surprises. The SX4 is a speedy cycler. It’s a darn good one and may be the best value on the market. “The gun was silly clean ... didn’t even look that dirty, and that’s because I really do think the inertia action does a great job of blowing grime out the barrel.” Its design involves minimal parts, so cleaning is easy, at least until time to remove the buttstock to get at the recoil spring and cup. Shooters who prefer lightweight guns will not appreciate that the new A400 Xtreme Plus, about 8 pounds, is the heaviest in class. The Winchester SX4 is a premier line of shotguns from the makers of some of the greatest rifles in the world. Promatic Traps Relieve some stress and bust some clay targets: White Flyer The shots in this video were performed by trained professionals for entertainment purposes only.

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