Until we all see something to make us think otherwise, Lebron James is, and will be the best player in the NBA for years to come. There were too many ties for 88, and having it be the top 21 best player ratings just sounded silly. Mark Jackson – 85 Ron Artest – 88 Paul George – 91 Jermaine O’Neal – 90 Rik Smits – 87 George McGinnis – 89 Chuck Person – 87 Jalen Rose – 86 Roy Hibbert – 86 Herb Williams – 85 Antonio Davis – 84 Detlef Schrempf – 84 David West – 84 Lance Stephenson – 83. If we could go back to the 2010 NBA Draft, we’d realize Detroit thought they had themselves a keeper. As a person who couldn’t care less about the Wizards, I wish I could see Wall play for a team that is relevant because he is so damn good. Before Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavericks were pretty bad for the majority of their history. So maybe the next time we have all-time rosters updated, the Hornets will look a little better. The Memphis (formerly Vancouver) Grizzles really don’t have a rich history yet since they have only been in the league since the 90s. No surprise. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Los Angeles Clippers make it onto this list considering we’re pretty much living through the Clippers’ golden era right now. Fans have praised the game’s new motion and physics engine, considering 2K18’s gameplay to be among the best in the series so far. OK let's start this off by admitting something. Marc Gasol quietly continues to play at a high level year after year in Memphis and earns his 89 player rating. There are actually 21 players on this list. Will this be the year the Timberwolves finally break free and Karl-Anthony Towns actually gets to play for a contender. Home » Galleries » Features » NBA 2K18: Top 20 Best Player Ratings. Jordan has the team trending in the right direction at least with its young nucleus of players plus the addition of Dwight Howard over the off-season. He's done lots of good Center things this season for a team that will finish around .500, not make it in the West, but would have been like a 4 seed in the East. Speaking of Hayward, he joins a Celtics that may or may not have Kyrie Irving and may or may not be able to compete with Lebron and the Cavs this season. On paper they certainly look fearsome, but we'll have to see if HC Tom Thibodeau can make Towns and newly acquired Jimmy Butler work together. But he also might not be. The Raptors are one of many teams stuck in eternal Eastern Conference purgatory because of Lebron and the Cavs, but don’t blame DeMar DeRozan, he’s as solid as they come. There were too many ties for 88, and having it be the top 21 best player ratings just sounded silly. The Hornet’s all-time team roster is filled with awesome role-players from over the decades and a few young stars. Your essentially playing with the best most competitive version of the Clippers right before Golden State took over plus a few all-stars from the team’s history. Derek Harper – 87 Rolando Blackman – 88 Mark Aguirre – 88 Dirk Nowitzki – 97 Shawn Bradley – 82 Jim Jackson – 88 Jason Terry – 88 Michael Finley – 88 Jamal Mashburn – 88 Steve Nash – 86 Jason Kidd – 86 Tyson Chandler – 82 Sam Perkins – 81 J.J. Barea – 80 Brendan Haywood – 80. For a lot of that young history, they haven’t been as competitive as the Raptors (who debuted at the same time) until recently when Zach Randolph and the Gasols rolled into town. No surprise here. So Isaiah Thomas might be on the Cavs now? Sometimes, 2K doesn’t even offer them the privilege of scanning their likeness into the game. He might only be an 88 in NBA 2K18, but he’s the number 1 rated crotch shottter in our hearts. What do you think are the five worst all-time team rosters?

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