+solider tire (2ply) with solid Side Knobs for the rear wheel…….the knobs of the SE5 are perfect in soft or wet conditions, but show more wear (chunking knobs) when it is dry and rocky, http://fotos.mtb-news.de/p/2023420?in=user. I really like BO, is there that much a difference in weight and rolling resistance? Southern Cross Club Tuggeranong, Profile: Rounded The Rekon comes in a few width options as well as two casing options, all with Maxxis 3C rubber to make sure you are getting the most traction from the rubber itself as possible. There's some interesting science built into the Judge. The out-turned side knobs help the Trail Boss turn into corners, making the side knobs feel bigger than they actually are. 220# hack on a Honzo with tubeless Breakout TCS Tough High Grip 29x2.3 on the rear (23mm ID w/29psi): Here is a shot if my Trail Boss 2.25 after a season of riding next to a brand new Rock Razr. As it’s made for chunky terrain, the Judge is only available in a Tough casing, in either high grip rubber or fast rolling, and 2.4 width. I disagree. The mid-sized knobs can’t reach as deep into mud or loose soil, and don’t get much purchase when trying to catch the edge of embedded rocks and roots, so the Trail Boss feels a bit undergunned in those conditions. Amazing grip at around 16-17 psi, has yet to let me down. Det blir nog WTB Trail Boss istället! With 2.3, 2.5, and 2.6 width options and Light or Tough casing versions in each size, WTB give a ton of options for what fits your bike best. Listed below are some of the most popular tread options from Maxxis. The two tires in this test were the Vigilante 2.5 in the Light/High Grip with Slash Guard casing and the Trail Boss 2.4 in the Tough/Fast Rolling casing. Acct Philly, Here the E13 Semi Slick will be very similar to other SS tires out there. For front tires, you should check out the Surly Dirt Wizard 29×3.0 in the 60 tpi casing. Ripple Swell Hand Sound Trough Plural Clue, The Tough/Fast Rolling casing of the Trail Boss resisted rolling over (on 27-millimeter internal width rims) while still feeling supple, more so than a Maxxis Double Down casing, and I never got a pinch flat that wasn’t immediately sealed by sealant. It's much like a red headed stepchild that kinda gets all the bad parts of the trail features, while the front gets put, hopefully, in the best part of the trail. Wheatsheaf Rd, Glenroy, Huge fan here... Been on a Trail Boss 2.25 Tough casing the entire season. It rolls decently fast, has good square braking edges, with ample traction while climbing, and a great knob pattern with great transitions from center to cornering knobs. I think the “tough” version is needed if you’re riding rocky terrain, but it’s pretty heavy. Do we need instant Covid-19 Tests to get our lives back on track? Unlike some of their more aggressive trail tires, the Aggressor has a more moderate center tread profile, which is a nice middle ground between the super aggressive and the semi-slick options. Something to take the edge off. I find that the Minion SS’s side knobs are a bit squirmy, and they only really work well if the dirt is pretty soft. Granted, steep bike park trails are about as extreme conditions as they come for testing tire durability. Is that the 2.25" WTB next to the 2.35" Schwalb? I do find that the DHR2 sidewalls are somewhat sensitive to air pressure, when I get them around 24 psi in the rear, they start to fold on me. Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed! "Endor" AKA Camp Tamarancho "Flow Trail" closed Tuesday and Wednesday. What Language Did Bennelong Speak, Menar du kanske att det är bra att undvika Maxxis @skogling? För en bättre upplevelse, vänligen aktivera JavaScript i din webbläsare innan du fortsätter. Buffalo Electric Oven, Village Ice Cream Prices, Nu var det ju ett tag sen (cykeln blev stulen) men Trail Boss 2.4 upplevde jag som ett litet snäpp större volym än NN 2.35". This is my second Trail Boss, the first lasted for months, though I milked it until there were no center knobs left. Here is a pic of what it looks like at the moment. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. I have the classic DHF/DHR II combo, and I’ll be replacing the DHR II with the Aggressors. The Maxxis Shorty, well, there isn’t too much short about it. Alicia Silverstone Aerosmith, Srk Brand Ambassador Of Dubai, Jag menar... Det är kanske därför alla mina mtb-däck börjar svettas efter ett tag? Water Wastage In London, It can also be used as a more aggressive front tire for XC racing when the terrain is technical or loose. video › Compared to the Minion SS (29” x 2.3”), the Aggressor doesn’t roll nearly as quickly, but I prefer the Aggressor in all other respects. The Return of the Marzocchi Bomber DJ Fork, Bible Review: Ibis Mojo Deore XT | $6,900, Revel Bikes Introduces the Ranger Brunch Ride Edition, Tested: Light Bicycle AM 927 Wheelset | $1,008, Fresh Produce: SPOT Gen4 Tracking & Messaging. I found that the Vigilante felt a bit better in fine-loose-over-hard and on straight hardpack, as well as on trails with a lot of off-angle roots. I’m running this beast on my Honzo. Nothing dramatic is happening though — the knobs aren’t chunking out or ripping off, and I haven’t had any issues with the casing. I use the Trail Boss and like it but, as you say, slides early. The Maxxis Aggressor is not the best tire at anything, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great — it’s not my favorite tire in any specific scenario, but it’s a very good tire in almost every scenario. Hero Of The Soviet Union, Sleep When We're Dead Morgan Wallen Lyrics, John Kavanagh (actor Movies And Tv Shows), The Aggressor is more predictable in this regard, and it also works better in a wider variety of conditions. Getting this balance for you is key to having the best riding tire for the terrain. The Trail Boss will have great rolling speed for the amount of traction it provides. A variety of the available tires were requested: the Vigilante in both the TCS Light and TCS Tough casing, both featuring the High Grip compound, as well as WTB's rear Trail Boss tire with TCS Light casing and Fast Rolling compound. The WTB Judge is the rowdiest, chunkiest rear tire from WTB with massive knobs, from center to sides. Maxxis DD casing is thin like the exo right between the sidewall and the tread cap. If it's not super muddy or super dry and blown out, the Aggressor excels. There’s a considerable about of turn-in, especially on hardpack. Black Woman In Folgers Commercial, I’d say that the Trail King corners a little harder, but more than anything, they corner differently. Stone Glacier Cirque 6200 Internal Frame Pack. Awesome info, JC. Well, that depends who’s asking, but for most riders these tires would probably be a great option. With huge square braking edges, the DHRII is the choice for steep terrain. They’re detailed, and the paragraph-long comparisons to other tires really add the most value of any tire review out there. No surprise that it has been one of the most blacked-out racing tires in recent history. Empanada Mama Doylestown, With competitive weights, the E13 SS is a great option to run out back if the dirt justifies a fast tire. Check out what our Employees think about the Maxxis DHF and Maxxis DHR II tires here: I mentioned Greg Minnaar above with the DHRII, but he’s really worth mentioning here. You do what you gotta do! Converting and/or trying something different with any regular 29’er is pretty exciting I think. The Rekon tire might be the most under the radar as it’s a new tire packed with some really awesome features. The Aggressor drifts a bit, and doesn’t really lock into until you lean the bike over a bit. Intended use: Options for downhill and enduro style riding. The E13 Semi Slick has one of the grippiest side knobs available. Genesis Trade Navigator Manual, It weighs over 1200g but rolls surprisingly well, has a durable casing, and tread pattern similar to a DHR/DHR. Good times!! I liked the casing size on the 2.4 Trail Boss, grip wasn’t great, but the casing is WAY too thin. I’d rather have the Trail Boss in terrain with steep, techy climbs where handling and power transfer are more important than flat out rolling speed over long distances. Casing: Maxxis offers different variations of casing depending on selection. Although worn, still has plenty left. conditions. Hannah Brown Cast, Are the WTB Vigilante and Trail Boss the perfect tires? It's beginning to show some minor undercutting of the outside knobs. For. The Maxxis DHRII might not be as good of an all arounder as the Aggressor, but it's a close race between the two. Aest Daylight Savings, The High Roller really requires a lot of lean angle to corner, and it’s a pretty ‘loose’ tire until you hit that lean angle. Unweight and flick. The mountain bike tire is the only contact point between the rider and the ground, and therefore it’s crucial in finding the correct tire for the job. Then a faster tread and lighter casing option would work great for you, or maybe even a semi slick. The Maxxis Minion SS, Schwalbe Rock Razor, and E13 Semi Slick are all examples of great trail or enduro rear tires. The Vigilante offered a ton of grip, but wore out a bit faster than most front tires. Every tire rides differently. Quality Control Certification Uasl, Also, it’s the first tubeless ready plus size tire at 27.5″, WTB says it’s, “Small enough to sneak its way into existing 29″ frames yet voluptuous enough to provide the supple bounce fat tires are famous for. Something got messed up when they sent the specs off to be built and it ended up smaller than anticipated. A tire like the Maxxis Minion SS will provide great rolling speed, and has the Minion cornering knobs once leaned over, but will suffer when braking in steep terrain, or if the dirt is a bit slippery.

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